Workout at Pigalle

Workout at Pigalle

We believe in investing time in your body and mind. Ready to jump start your day or need help winding down? Our in-house exercise programs will have you on track and in shape for your next challenge.

Hotel Pigalle proudly offers the following:

Sightseeing Run
A 45 min city tour with one of Pigalle´s owners. 0 kr

Runners Delight
Select a 2.5/5/10 km course. 0 kr Training shoes and maps are available from reception.

Training In-Room
Dumbbells, jump rope, yoga mats can be ordered from reception. 0 kr

A 40 min pass for in-room or outdoors training. 1000 kr

SATS Kompassen, classes and gym. 0 kr

Massage In-Room
40 min massage from therapist from Skönhetsfabriken. 1000 kr

Simply contact our front desk to arrange equipment and bookings 031-80 25 21