Suite Belle Service Guarantee

This is the fine print of our Suite Belle Service Guarantee!

1.The reservation must be made via the Pigalle website, mail or direct phone. Reservations made through Expedia, Booking or other third parties does not apply.

2.Hotel Pigalle with management and staff must as soon as possible be made aware of, and given a chance to, correct what might be wrong while you are here. Complaints made after check out are not valid.

3.Any wrongdoings, misconduct or events offsetting your experience caused by a third party, reasonably out of control of the Hotel and its staff, does not apply.

4.The guarantee applies to the Suite Belle experience only and of course includes the available in-room services cocktails, dinner and breakfast.

5.If your stay covers more than one night and the guarantee is in play you will get money back for the day the dissatisfaction occurred. If the entire stay, still after our efforts, remain unsatisfactory, a full refund will be made.

6.Since Hotel Pigalle is cash free, all refunds will be made through either bank or credit card transactions and are subject to the handling time of respective institution. No cash refunds will be possible.