Pigalles Luxury Dog room


At Hotel Pigalle, your canine companion should receive the same pampering as you.

Our dog room is a Petite Plus room, equipped with the necessities for the human traveler and catered to your four legged friend;


Equipped with a hand carved Louis XV-style dog bed, from exclusive Lord Lou, and a soft blanket, even Fido might have trouble getting up.

Wonderboo serves the organic and Swedish-produced dog food, carefully air dried at 50 degrees. Goes wonderful with a dog-beer from Snuffle Beer, served in a bowl of repurposed wood and solid steel, exclusively from Lord Lou.
If you are in between meals, Crunchy Cookies, Crispy Chips and Lollipups are at your disposal from Hugo & Celine.

For the city stroll, ask the reception staff to borrow a leash from Swedish designer-duo Altewaisaome, in collaboration with Wonderboo.
The nearest dog park is located at Olskroksgatan 19. From the hotel, it is a 10-minute tram ride and a 5-minute walk.

For every night our dog room is sold, Hotel Pigalle donates 100SEK to Hundar utan hem (Dogs without homes).
The donation will be sent, as a whole, in December 2018.

Please contact our reception at reception@hotelpigalle.se for rates and availability.
Price is based on daily rate for a Petite Plus room + 450 SEK.