Atelier Meny


Oysters & Champagne

Petite: 3 Fine de Claire & a glass of Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée 185 kr
Grande: 12 Fine de Claire & bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvée 1345 kr
Royale: 24 Fine de Claire & a bottle of Krug 2995 kr


Snacky meat 75 kr
We vary with air-cured & smoked meat



Coastal cow 165 kr
Swedish steak tartar with creamy egg, pickled spring vegetables & horseradish.

Summers out 175 kr
Smoked new potatoes with bleak roe, cured cucumber & sour cream.

Little Greta the goat 145 kr
Baked beets with Swedish feta cheese, sliced raw apples & walnuts.



Plenty of fish in the sea 275 kr
Baked char with summer cabbage, roasted sesame seeds & ginger mayonnaise.

Ölanda steak 325 kr
Local sirloin steak with Swedish tomatoes, garlic & truffle cream cheese.

The rooster’s calling 245 kr
Tender rooster with potato salad, capers & traditional Swedish matured cheese.

Not so little Greta the goat 185 kr
Baked beets with Swedish feta cheese, sliced raw apples & walnuts.

From our farmers
Delightful complementary; summer primeurs with all mains! A variation of beets, beans, radishes & other goodies that the summer has to offer.



A Midsummer night’s dream 105 kr
Almond cake with vanilla crème, strawberry sorbet & marmalade.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles 95 kr
Rhubarb consommé with traditional Swedish liqueur, white chocolate & cookie crumble.

Selected cheeses 145 kr
Cheese from near & far.

2 scoops of ice cream 65 kr